Become a Reviewer

How to become a Reviewer in RBGI?

Reviewers are the backbone of a Scientific Journal. They are responsible to provide constructive feedbacks and critics, in order to assess and evaluate authors submission, increasing the final quality.

RBGI Reviewers are selected experts and can be Ph.D level or Ph.D qualified students from any part of the world, envolved with Research in Academia or Industry, in the field of Management & Innovation & Sustaintability.

Review process of RBGI is developed in English, Portuguese and Spanish, depending of the article language submited.


Why review an article?

In order to participate into the scientific process, from Research to Publication, Reviewers, during the review:

a) Access state-of-the art research;

b) Learn and reflect about its own research;

c) Provide a service to the scientific community in the field;

d) Can be acknowledge by RBGI as a Reviewer;

e) Frequent and High-Quality Reviewers (>3 reviews/year and 4-5 stars) access Journal Fast-Track, if submited a high-quality research manuscript adherent to Journal scope and aims. Fast-Track increases prioritization in Editorial Workflow, and is no guarantee of publication.

f) Frequent and High-Quality Reviewers can lead and promote one Call for Papers (Two years has frequent and high-quality Reviewer), if proposition is approved by RBGI Editorial Team. To understand how to promote a Call for Papers, get in touch with


RBGI adotps a system of double blind peer review (neither Reviewers recieve the information of the Author and vice-versa). However, if the article is accepted for publication, the Reviewers can be acknowledge or appreciated in the article (anonymoysly or cited). That´  s because the final version depends significantly of the contributions of the reviewers, and they become part of the article very essence.


How to apply to Review articles in RBGI?

Please access the Register page and fill your personal form with all the information required - your curriculum can be updated when is needed. When an article is aproved in desk-review, the Editors consult the database from the following criteria:

1) Adherence with the theme.

2) Level of qualification (PhD level).

3) Avaliablity of Reviewer.

Then, an soliciation of avaliability and interest - which can be accpeted or not, is sended to the Reviewer.


Please note that all Reviewers are compliant with RBGI Ethical Guidelines and receives specific review orientations and evaluation form.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Reviewer of RBGI.

RBGI Editorial Team